My gay day

Now that I've started noticing things related to queers, I can note a few that happened to me/I saw, related to the LGBT:
·        The first was in class. I saw that someone had written "gay" on my table, with an arrow pointing towards me. Many people do that as an 'insult' or to somehow offend each other. If only they knew how true it is...
·        The second is that I saw two girls holding hands during recess. Lesbians, maybe? And I suspect of two guys that might be gay (not going out together, though).
·        The third is that I’m reading the Lord of the Rings and the word “queer” comes out in almost every paragraph.
·        Another; I have a new Spanish teacher and she is really bad at memorizing names. She called a guy who has a similar name, Alexis. Imagine who that reminded me of…
·        Two more girls holding hands. These were for sure lesbians.
·        I know more about transsexuals than my mum, who doesn’t even know the correct definition. She thinks I don’t know what the term means…
·        We’re studying homogenic and heterogenic mixes in class.
·        The school psychologist who gave me classes last year suspects I might be bian or trans*
·        But another of my teachers is homophobic.
And that's the extent of my day.

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