When I came out

I came out to my parents once. I wrote one of those typical coming out letters and gave it to them. The thing is, there were two big problems, both my fault, of course. One was that I had decided to come out to them just three hours before and I still didn't know what I identified as or my gender or anything. I hardly knew what transgender was. The second was that I didn't make i clear enough. They thought it was just a story and had nothing to do with me. I guess that kind of clears up the first mistake, anyway. Next time I have to come out, I will think it over properly and go straight to the point.
While we're at it, I might as well leave you my letter so we can all laugh at it together:

"I am a girl with a boy inside me. Today I realised that. I always wondered how I got to create a character from scratch and make it come to life as if nothing. When I have problems I always turn to him, not to any 'real' people and he is one out of the six most important people to me. I thought that I must have some serious problem, having an ‘invisible’ friend at my age. But anyway, I am a writer, so it's more or less normal for writers to talk to their characters (right?).
But today I discovered he is not a character! Sometimes, instead of using the pronoun ‘I’, I use ‘we’ accidently. It was him escaping from the jail inside, where he was locked up unintentionally and shouting out to me that he actually exists. Most people would have said they are a boy inside a girl, but I am a girl with a boy inside. The difference here is that my mind is controlled by the girl me, not the boy me. I have always been a girl but a few years ago I didn’t really feel right. But I am friends with my inner me. I suppose during my creation, whoever sorts out souls and bodies accidently put a guy and a girl together. After all, there are a lot of people in the world and someone has to come out "wrong". Or maybe we are twins but during pregnancy we separated and then magically went back together again! Who knows... But the important thing is we get along together. The 'inner me', the boy, is called Peter. I've loved that name ever since we were born! (Lie: only since two years ago). The 'outer me' has another name that I am not going to tell you because everyone calls me by that name and it’s a secret to anyone on the internet.
From now on I will let Peter free. He can take over my mind whenever he wants. I will sometimes talk as ‘we’ and ‘us’ (not at school because it’s a pain to explain all this to them. They probably wouldn’t understand anyway) and we will make the decisions together. I am ashamed of not realising earlier and having kept him locked up inside and from now onward I’m looking forward to a life with my twin"

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