My NanoWrimo story

I’ll be participating in NanoWrimo this year (National Novel Writing Month. Here’s the website: I’ve got a few really cool ideas that I picked up in class. The teacher talks so much that I kind of zoom off and when I come back I hear some really weird sentences that I write down. Anyway, I’m saying this because the world where my story takes place has no gender or gender roles.
I don’t know how I’ll describe it when it comes to writing the story though. Gender and sex aren’t important and everyone uses the neutral pronouns (zee). Actually, it's totally ignored; there is only one bathroom (not 'female' and 'male'), everyone dresses how they want (guys in skirts without being laughed at, for example). You can hardly tell the difference between boys and girls. Everyone wears make-up, tight clothes, long or short hair... the only time when they difference male and female is in the Olympics (because the bodies aren't the same and boys would have a clear advantage). Then someone from the past (our present) suddenly appeared and said to someone walking past: "Are you a girl or a boy?", and zee was like "What are you talking about?". I couldn't help but remember Dani Shay singing 'girl or boy' (I’ll put that video on here). I'd love the world to be like that. It's my idea of a perfect planet.

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