Anti-LGBT excuses

Many homophobic/transphobic people use excuses to excuse their hatred towards others. Some of them have made me think "That's true", but still haven't convinced me in any way that LGBTs are somehow bad, and other excuses are just silly or not well thought over. Here are a list of the ones I dislike the most:
- AIDS: Urghh. OK, lots of homosexuals have AIDS, but that isn't really our fault. It's because, since some people don't accept us, we don't have the correct media and ways to explain to others in our community how to be safe. Of course we have the Internet, but you can't really trust it and it can't transmit properly the information. Plus, there are heteros that also have AIDS, and nobody says anything about who they are or aren't with.
- It's just wrong: Please try and tell me why.
- Why don't homosexuals just get a sex change? : That isn't really an excuse, but it shows the ignorance or some people. Gender and sexual orientation are not the same thing.
- Adam and Eve were male and female: Of course, there wasn't any other way they could reproduce themselves otherwise. But how do you know that Eve's first partner wasn't a girl (If we take the fact that Eve was a monkey and therefore there were many more of the species, just not with the same intelligence, and didn't come from a shell along with Adam, as they say)? Even if that isn't the case, just because some people are heterosexuals, it doesn't mean everyone is. They were straight and that's it, their son may have been bi and a few more down the line maybe there was a trans*...
- It's unnatural: No, it isn't. It has been proven that other animals also show homosexual behaviour. If you want proof, go and look for it on the Wikipedia.
- Girls have to be feminine, boys masculine: Why? Who says so? What does it mean to be a girl or a boy, anyway? How do you know if a person is being masculine or feminine? The stereotypes are just that, models people have created. They mustn't control us in any way, they were just someone's ideals of female and male.
- It shouldn't be accepted because homosexuals don't have children: That's another common excuse against gay marriage. There are many heterosexual people who don't have children. Either way, there are also lots of kids with no families or home that can be adopted. Plus, there are way too many people in the world; we really don't have to worry about having or not having decendents.
- It's perverted: In what way? Homosexuals have the same thoughts as heterosexual people do, just towards people from a different gender.
-It's dangerous: I really don't see how the fact that two people love each other and want to be together can be dangerous, unless someone else makes it that way.

Anyway, I could go on forever, but I'll just leave it here.

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