How discovering I was trans* made me realize I wasn't straight

When I discovered I was genderqueer, I started making a big deal when people asked me if I was a girl or a boy (I still do). I complained about why it was so important to know someone's biological sex or gender. I wished people would base their opinions on me because of my personality and not because I was raised as a female-bodied person. If the love of my life, who I think is a guy, turned out to be a girl, I'm sure I'd still love her. So why does it matter? I was expecting other people to think this way, but I myself didn't follow my advice. I realised this and started ignoring gender as much as I could. Then I figured that it’s not about being gender-blind, but to accept all genders and not judge people on that. And that’s why I became to feel attraction to people independently of their gender. So I guess I’m pansexual, then.

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