Welcome, ladies and gentlemen

It must have been hard to be trans* in the old times. Now at least people don't say anything about the fact that biological girls wear pants or that boys have long hair (usually), but before everything was so much more strict. The other day I re-watched Jane Austen and similar series I have at home and realized how I would have to be if I had lived in those times. As in, something like this:

      Ok, maybe not that posh...

I don’t know how I could stand being so useless and feeling so girly; not being able to run around and roll in the mud with my cousin, every time I stand up from the table, all the guys would have to stand up too. I’d actually have to brush my hair into some bun at the back where all the curls come out (I seriously don’t know how they do that).

I’d take a long time to get dressed in the morning and I’d have to look after my manners all day. Not that I’m rude or anything, but the ladies those days were excessively polite.

On the good side though, I do love the dresses, just not for myself, so it would be ‘wow’ to see everyone dressed like that on a daily life. Sigh, who can resist such pretty faces in such nice clothes?

And the suits? I also love horse-riding and hunting clothes, and there seems to be a lot of that in the movies…

                                       The cool clothes ---->

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