The stone from the garden facing a rocky road

"A good-sized stone, that was glistening, washed by the rain, was in a high place, surrounded by colorful flowers, on the edge of a garden facing a rocky road. After looking for a long time at the stones of the rocky road, it felt a desire to let itself drop between them.
"What am I doing here, among the plants?" it asked. "I should be down there with my classmates"
So it rolled to the bottom of the embankment and joined the others. But the wheels of the carts, the hooves of the horses and the feet of the children running about soon reduced it to state of constant sorrow. All passed over it or hit it. Sometimes, when it was full of mud or animal droppings, it looked up a little - in vain - to the place it had left: the place of solitude and placid happiness.
That is what happens to anyone who decides to leave solitary and contemplative life, just to join people of infinite perversity."
Códice Atlanticus, Leonardo da Vinci

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