Websites that may interest you

The other day I posted some websites on the side bar that might interest queers. Here’s a bit of what you’ll find in each of them:
AVEN: Stands for “Asexual visibility and education network”. The title says it all, really. A forum where asexuals can talk freely. I like this web because people are nice. It’s rare to find a forum without people insulting each other or negative comments, but this one is totally clean. No inappropriate content either. Though I’m not asexual, I like reading the comments in the gender section.
Genderfork: One of my favourite webs. Though there isn't much new content, what there is there is really good. You don't even have to register to be able to participate. Anyway, it's about the LGBT in general, mainly the T, though.
TransYada: Another forum, this time for people who's gender identity doesn't belong in the binary.
GenderInX: Haven’t actually been there. It’s a forum though.

Sinfest: A webcomic that confronts topics such as gender, feminism or friendship, all in a cool way. I kind of disliked feminists until I read it. The only bad point is that the religious are represented as some kind of evil force against queers, and I don’t find that true. Of course some are, but not all. I’m not religious myself but I respect them.
Lesbicanarias: A website, in Spanish, from lesbians to lesbians. Talks pretty much about anything and everything there is to know about the bian world.
If you have any others, please tell me and I'll add them to the list.

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