The closet is dark and cold

I often hear them say: "The closet is dark and cold". But is it? I think that if you have no reason to come out and you feel comfortable with yourself, then the closet isn't that bad. If you have enough food, some way you can go to the toilet and enough manga to survive a lifetime, then I don't see what's bad about it. First of all, you can watch movies that have LGBT content or characters with your family/friends without feeling uncomfortable (because they don't know). Otherwise, your parents might think "my daughter is bian so she has a lot in common with this character", when really the only thing that is similar is that you both like girls. Another advantage is that homophobes don't have anything against you, your grandma doesn't think that the modern society and it's ways have swallowed you and somehow made you gay and no one cuts you out of their will or kicks you out of the house. Maybe even note that people of your same sex don't feel uncomfortable when you’re in the same changing room because you 'might fall in love with them'. Because we tend to love every girl we see just because they are a girl. You can also hear people's sincere opinions about queers without them saying "I'm sorry, I didn't mean to offend you" at every comment. Anyway, the main point is that so far I have no need to come out. The closet is dark and cold only if you don't find a blanket and a light.

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