Introduction time!

Hello. You can call me Peter. This is yet another blog about a trans* person's life. Just so you know, I identify as genderqueer, more specifically trigender.
Anyway, since I am probably the worst person at describing myself, I’ll just fill in one of those ‘basic information’ forms that are so cool.
- Sexual orientation: pansexual
- What I’m really bad at: Nothing! >:D
- A description of my self-esteem: Too high.
- Who my best friends are: Meh… I don’t really have any best friends. I don’t want any either.
- My favourite book: Harry Potter?
- My favourite animal: Seals! Then dolphins!
- Someone I miss: Nobody (my gransparents)
- What I did yesterday: I read (1Q84, by Murakami Haruki), then I went on my bike, I took some photos, I had my turn on the internet, I did my philosophy homework (no, I don’t study philosophy). I also ate a lot.
- My 5 favourite songs right now: ‘I’m reading a book’ by Julian Smith, ‘We are never ever ever ever ever ever ever ever getting back together’ by Taylor Swift, ‘Sunshine and Rain’ by The Icarus Account, ‘Happens in the dark’ by Jedward and ‘Rubber bands’ by Phineas and Ferb.
- All of the pets I’ve ever had: I had lots of goldfish (only one had a name though; Jack Sparrow) and a cat called Kitty. I had a budgy too, once.
- Favourite flavour of ice cream: Mint
 - What are my future plans? : I’m going to be rich…
-  An internal conflict I have with myself: I’m pretty much conflict-free.
- What I would do if I won the lottery: buy an underwater camera and a human-sized doll. And give some to charity.
- A description of the boy or girl I like: I’ve never been in love before
- What bands I’ve seen live: None. Too much people, too much noise.
- How many kids I want in the future: 51
- Most traumatic experience: Once they made me mow the lawn.
And, yeah. That's pretty much it. Anything you want to know just ask! :)

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